The main activity of Kaaraknad OÜ is the production of customized traditional two-frame wooden windows and doors. We also manufacture wooden window sills, hatches and skirtings

Our main goal is to offer quality products and services including flexible approach and shortest term delivery as possible.  If requested by clients we provide full solutions including the following services: measuring at the spot, CAD drawings, production, transportation, installation and if necessary utilization of the old materials.

Concerning materials we mainly use carefully selected pine tree, birch, oak and ash tree.

We provide to our clients selection of profiles, wood, glass and decoration materials. Outcome to our clients is unique tailor made product having special meaning to our clients.

Why You should select our services and products?

Our company´s employees have long term experience and background of producing first Finnish-type windows in Estonia. We are very flexible and adapt our products according to Your requests and not the opposite.

As a small company we are precisely focused to every client´s need.